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Nicki Park is a singer, songwriter, performer and speaker as well as the owner of NP Music LLC.  She is currently pitching music of various genres to the music industry including, pop, country, christian, t.v./movie themes, and commercials. 

Nicki grew up in Oklahoma and began playing piano at the age of four. She began playing and singing in church at a very young age as well. Influenced by many christian and pop artists, she began writing music as a teenager. She now resides in Arizona and released her first album "Better Than Yesterday" in 2008 This album is an eclectic mix of pop, christian and country with a "retro" twist. This album contains something for everyone and speaks about "overcoming adversity through faith."

In 2018, she created a unique project called "STRONGER" that includes not only songs but the stories behind the songs.  Sharing personal stories of overcoming adversity, advocating for those who have been bullied into silence and making it her mission to empower others, this project is raw and bold.  She is literally "SINGING HER STORY."

Nicki's passion for songwriting is not limited to one style of music. She is constantly creating not only for herself but for a variety of genres and situation-specific opportunities. 

Among other passions in the music industry, Nicki supports and realizes the need for music education. She is the founding director and principal instructor of the musical education organization, Northwest Valley Musical Arts, a 16 year music school This is a place where she and a collaborative group of instructors would teach children and adults private and group lessons in all instruments and voice in a fun and safe environment. This school catapulted two students to be on American Idol and two who went on to The Voice. She taught her 'rising stars' how to write music and perform, allowing them to come play at some of her "age appropriate" venues. She is very proud that some of them are out in the music industry and gigging world today. She recently made the tough decision to close the doors of NWVMA while she pursues other business and music ventures. But music education is something she will always have a passion for and will continue to teach "focus sessions" (by audition only).

Nicki is constantly moving forward with a positive outlook on life and views all experiences (both positive and negative) as life lessons. She is full of energy and loves to translate her experiences through music.  You can find her performing many venues in AZ playing covers and originals as well as leading worship and playing keys at various churches. She is available for motivational and/or faith - inspired speaking engagements.  To catch a show, check out her calendar. To contact and get more information, click here to email.


Nicki is set to release her new project, "PLACES," in Spring/Summer of 2022.