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This is the hub and first step toward integrating your brand and your creative work into eco-friendly products.


I'm already a bit of a tree hugger.  I'm also a singer/songwriter and performer.  I prefer memorization or my computer/Ipad when playing or working in a studio.  I don't like to waste paper and, of course, I recycle.

In releasing my new EP, STRONGER, I was looking for two things.  First , a digital promo card to sell to fans at shows instead of c.d.s.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, those are plastic cards with either a scan option or a code that patrons can purchase to download your music. and see musicians artwork etc.  Secondly, I was looking for those really cool seed paper products to use for business cards.  The seed paper cards are disposable.  They use this product for business cards, invitations, programs and many printed marketing materials.  When finished, you plant it and it grows flowers or whatever plant the seed produces.

What I needed is for these two items to integrate.  I need a seed paper product that I can put my digital download code on so that once my music has been downloaded by the fan who purchased it, they can then plant it.

So I began searching and searching.  It's not been done.  Okay then, I'll order seed cards, print my own code labels from my bandzoogle account and stick labels on cards before each show.  THAT WILL GET OLD FAST!

One idea turned into another.  In researching solely eco-friendly branding products AND possibilities for musicians merch, the only thing I found that integrated the two were eco-friendly t-shirts. I don't need a shirt.  For now, I'm going to order my own codes through promo card and have them printed on the back of the seed cards.  That will solve the download problem.  But what about all of the other products I want to put my branding on?  More and more research to find them.


Design a hub where we creatives who want to integrate our branded products on eco-friendly materials can do so.  Create a page, a site that has links to all of the eco-friendly products so that we don't have to search for hours as I have already done.


Launch the company that has integrated the artists products with the eco-friendly products.

And thus I am excited to bring you ECO ARTIST!